Hello World!
Welcome to Design Outings, where home becomes your #FavoriteOuting!
We are a Brooklyn couple who after years spent running around New York building our careers; we met, settled down, got married, and moved in together just in time for quarantine 2020. After the initial shock of it all went away, we began building our life together and decorating our little corner of the world. Home was the safest place to be, so we were on a mission to make home our favorite place to be.

And thus, Design Outings was born!
Created to make home our favorite outing.  We spent time together crafting, and baking, and sewing and stumbled upon this shared passion. Finding fabrics that speak to us, remind us of home, remind us of travel and the outside and using them to accent our home. The best thing about pillows is that they are so comfy and personal and set the mood, and with pillow covers you can change the look and feel of a room instantly. Pops of color, prints, patterns and textures really transformed our small Brooklyn apartment into a cozy home.

We have so much to share, to grow, to learn, to DO… together.

Thanks for visiting Design Outings, welcome home.